Baltimore Ravens’ security head faces sexual assault charges

Baltimore Ravens’ security head faces sexual assault charges

| Jan 16, 2015 | Criminal Defense |

The Baltimore Ravens’ current National Football League season has been something of a roller coaster. Although they are entering the playoffs as a wild card team, their early season was overshadowed by last February’s incident involving Ray Rice and the suspension of a defensive lineman. Despite all that, the Ravens enter postseason play as a dark horse to win the Super Bowl. Their security director, however, may soon be struggling to avoid a criminal trial.

According to the Maryland Attorney General’s office, the Ravens’ senior security head has been accused of a fourth-degree sexual offense, a charge that does not qualify as sexual violence but indicates sexual contact without consent. Details of the alleged mid-December incident have not been provided, and Sanders’s lawyer recently issued a statement that the allegations have been completely fabricated. Sanders is due in court for a hearing on February 9.

Early in the season, Sanders was involved in the Ray Rice incident when he requested footage of the elevator assault from the Atlantic City hotel. He did not obtain the video but was told of its contents, which he relayed to Ravens ownership.

Whether allegations of sexual offenses are true or false, the stakes are high when such allegations are made. An accused can face serious penalties including a possible prison sentence. A person’s reputation and employment chances also can be badly damaged. Mandatory sentences are also possible for certain criminal convictions. Any Maryland resident who faces such charges requires experienced and aggressive legal representation.

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