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January 2015 Archives

Murder charges dropped because of insufficient evidence

The recent death of a young woman caused a ripple, not just here in Maryland, but across the country as well. The teenager, who lived in North Carolina, visited family in Maryland four years ago only to inexplicably disappear. Her body was found several months after in a Cecil County, Maryland, river. Her killer was convicted of second-degree murder charges and was incarcerated. However, further developments in the case showed that insufficient evidence to convict him and now he is free.

Maryland residents can lose privileges in a felony conviction

Most Maryland residents accused of a felony crime may be aware of the expensive fines and prison time which may accompany conviction. Although these penalties are without doubt very serious, an accused can also be deprived of certain privileges, regardless of the cause of the felony charge, such as a white collar crime, burglary, rape or any other criminal act.

Baltimore Ravens' security head faces sexual assault charges

The Baltimore Ravens' current National Football League season has been something of a roller coaster. Although they are entering the playoffs as a wild card team, their early season was overshadowed by last February's incident involving Ray Rice and the suspension of a defensive lineman. Despite all that, the Ravens enter postseason play as a dark horse to win the Super Bowl. Their security director, however, may soon be struggling to avoid a criminal trial.

Protecting a driver's privileges and reputation

When a Maryland resident is accused of drunk driving, the first thing that most people think of is that they may lose their driving privileges. This means that their license can either be suspended or revoked. However, beyond their driving privileges, Maryland residents can also face the possibility of spending time in jail and paying expensive fines when convicted of a DUI. In this situation, our Silver Spring-based law firm can help residents assert their rights.

Dozens face charges in alleged dog fighting ring in Maryland

Dogs, as saying goes, are a man's best friend. However, some people raise dogs not for companionship, but for sport. Dog fighting is prohibited in most states, including Maryland, and anyone caught or suspected of taking part in such an activity is sure to face serious penalties.

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