Clearing a Maryland resident’s name and reputation

Clearing a Maryland resident’s name and reputation

| Dec 12, 2014 | Weapons Crimes |

Criminal accusations alone can a stain any Maryland resident’s reputation. When they involve weapons charges such as gun possession, a reputation can be tarnished so badly that someone may have a hard time getting his or her name cleared, even if the charges are dropped or the charges are successfully defended at trial. Fortunately, our Rockville-based law firm can help Maryland residents clear their names by attacking the charges vigorously and head-on.

In Maryland, a conviction on gun possession charges means mandatory minimum sentences, especially if a person has been previously convicted of a crime. This could lead to revocation of parole, a five-year prison term and even more. The charges alone can severely damage a person’s life. Family relationships and friendships can be strained, work opportunities can be lost and the accused can be ostracized by his or her community.

We have more than three decades of experience in handling criminal defenses cases with both juveniles and adults. We specialize in handling gun possession cases. The types of charges involved range from carrying a gun without a permit, having a gun inside a vehicle, being involved in drug activities while possessing a weapon or performing violent acts while in possession of a gun. Our skilled lawyers have successfully defended such cases and effectively negotiated the reduction of prison or jail sentences and penalties for residents who have previous convictions.

Our experienced criminal defense lawyers scrutinize every detail of an investigation – the charges, witness testimonies and evidence – to devise the best possible defense. Our lawyers also will determine if there were errors in an investigation, errors in arrest procedures or violations in the rights of the accused. Maryland residents accused of gun charges can rest assured that our skilled lawyers will take every measure possible to make sure their names are cleared.