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December 2014 Archives

Court clears rural Maryland police chief of DUI charge

Any drunk driving charge can be tough to fight in court. If drivers believe they did not violate the law, however, then they should assert their rights to contest the charges in court as soon as possible.

How can a felony charge be expunged in Maryland?

For some Maryland residents, a criminal accusation, even if untrue, can hurt for years. If someone was never convicted or served time, the mere fact of a charge can linger and affect the person's employment chances, educational possibilities and other opportunities in life. Nonetheless, what if there was a way for someone to be rid of a charge or a conviction?

Clearing a Maryland resident's name and reputation

Criminal accusations alone can a stain any Maryland resident's reputation. When they involve weapons charges such as gun possession, a reputation can be tarnished so badly that someone may have a hard time getting his or her name cleared, even if the charges are dropped or the charges are successfully defended at trial. Fortunately, our Rockville-based law firm can help Maryland residents clear their names by attacking the charges vigorously and head-on.

What should Maryland residents know about aggravated assault?

According to the latest statistics from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, approximately 388,362 aggravated assaults occurred across the United States in 2012. This figure, of course, is not something that should be taken lightly. Whether a Maryland resident is facing charges or would like to know more about this particular criminal charge, it is always best to be informed.

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