Baltimore police search for 29-year-old male homicide suspect

Baltimore police search for 29-year-old male homicide suspect

| Oct 24, 2014 | Violent Crimes |

Maryland residents are well aware that crime is a problem throughout the state, whether it involves drugs, theft or violent crime such as rape, robbery or murder. Unfortunately, no one knows when they will become a target for criminal activity. If they are, they want to be sure the individual is caught as soon as possible to face trial and punishment.

In Baltimore recently, police released the name of a 29-year-old man accused of killing a woman and have asked the public for help in locating him. Police say the body of a 40-year-old woman who did not report to work for several days was found in her apartment late in the evening. The cause of death was not released, but police are searching for the suspect, who faces a probable homicide charge. Police are continuing to investigate the apparent crime as well as look for the suspect.

If the accused person is apprehended, he will probably be charged with a violent crime offense. Depending on their severity, violent crimes can lead to life-altering consequences for the accused, such as serving time in prison, paying restitution and paying substantial fines. But, not every accused person is guilty of the alleged charges.

The accused can fight the charges directly in court with the aid of an attorney or seek to negotiate with prosecutors for reduced charges. If the case does go to trial, the defendant can work to convince the jury of his or her innocence. To better understand his or her case, a defendant may wish to seek legal advice to determine the severity of the charges and the consequences of conviction. An experienced attorney can shed light on the best options available.

Maryland residents who face similar charges should avoid fleeing because they will most likely compound their troubles. Instead, facing the charges head-on with the help of experienced legal counsel can provide a far better outcome.

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