Maryland woman allegedly makes appointment for sex with officer

Maryland woman allegedly makes appointment for sex with officer

| Aug 17, 2014 | Sex Crimes |

A 44-year-old Walkersville woman is facing prostitution charges after she allegedly arranged to have sex with a police officer from the Frederick Police Department by mistake. The woman has been charged with solicitation of prostitution along with possession of crack cocaine and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The charges against the woman stemmed from an incident in which the woman, who allegedly worked as a prostitute, reportedly dialed a wrong number and got the police officer on the phone by mistake. According to police, the officer answering the call initially asked the woman if she knew who she was speaking with on the phone. Police say the woman replied that she did but then called the officer by another name.

The officer then told the woman that he would meet with her on the following day after they had agreed on the amount he would pay her to have sex. The woman was subsequently arrested the next day when she arrived at the place they had agreed to meet. During a search, it was also revealed that she was allegedly carrying a smoking device on her person that is made of glass and known as a “crack stem.”

Officials state that the police officer had encountered the woman before while working on an earlier investigation and had reportedly given her his number in case she had any information about the case to tell him later on. The officer said he thought she was calling about that investigation when she initially called him.

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Source: New York Daily News, “Maryland woman solicits police officer for sex after dialing wrong number: cops” Michael Walsh, Aug. 01, 2014