Maryland pro running back receives suspension for assault

Maryland pro running back receives suspension for assault

| Aug 3, 2014 | Violent Crimes |

Ray Rice, a running back football player for the National Football League’s Baltimore Eagles publicly apologized to his wife for his actions during a press conference on Thursday, July 31 after receiving a two-game suspension and a half-million fine. The suspension, which came on top of an order by a judge placing Rice into a diversionary first time offenders program back in May, stemmed from an incident that occurred back in February when Rice allegedly punched his wife.

According to USA Today, Rice allegedly punched his wife, who was then his fiance, while the two were in Atlantic City. Rice was later shown caught in a video obtained by TMZ Sports that showed him pulling his now-wife from a casino elevator after the two became entrenched in an argument. In the video, Rice’s wife appeared to be unconscious after the beating, and Rice was shown actually dragging her across the floor.

Although Rice’s wife publicly apologized at a press conference in May for her actions that happened during the fight, Rice has been under criticism for reportedly never telling her publicly that he was sorry. Rice now says he has taken responsibility for his actions and is moving forward. While Rice will receive no jail time nor will there be a record of his arrest, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has said that the physical assault still warranted a suspension. Rice will miss the first two games of the season.

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