Maryland man faces DUI after allegedly driving into building

Maryland man faces DUI after allegedly driving into building

| Aug 8, 2014 | Drunk Driving |

A 20-year-old Edgewater, Maryland, man is facing charges in Anne Arundel County after allegedly fleeing the scene of an accident when he crashed his vehicle into an office building. The man has been charged with both a DUI and failure to remain at the scene of a property damage accident.

The charges against the man stemmed from an incident that occurred on Tuesday, May 5 around 1:48 a.m. According to police, the man allegedly struck the Mayo Office Building on Central Avenue with his four-door Toyota, got out of the car and entered another vehicle before leaving the scene. Police responding to the call found the abandoned vehicle, which had reportedly received damage during the accident. They also noted that the building had received damage as well.

While the scene was still under investigation, the man returned to the scene and was confronted by police. Officers stated that the man allegedly smelled of alcohol and reportedly slurred his speech while police were talking to him. After failing a subsequent series of field sobriety tests, the man was taken to Southern District and his Toyota was later towed from the scene.

Defendants who are accused of drunk driving and charged with a DUI could face a lengthy prison sentence if they are convicted. Defendants could also potentially receive a suspended license, lose their license or even face stiff penalties and fines. An experienced Maryland criminal attorney could potentially work with a defendant to help provide a criminal defense that will give him or her a chance at a positive outcome.

Source: CBS Baltimore 13, “Edgewater Man, 20, Charged With DUI After Crashing Into Office Building” Aug. 05, 2014