3 Maryland brothers to face charges in stepfather’s death

3 Maryland brothers to face charges in stepfather’s death

| Aug 1, 2014 | Violent Crimes |

A 14-year-old boy and his 11-year-old younger brother are facing charges in connection with the alleged shooting death of their 47-year-old stepfather. Police have also charged the two boy’s older 23-year-old brother in the alleged crime.

The charges against the brothers stemmed from an incident that occurred on February 17 when police arrived at a mobile home on Green Lane near Port Deposit. Although they were initially responding to a medical call, the stepfather was pronounced dead at the scene. The trailer soon became a crime scene, however, after one of the responding EMS personnel reportedly discovered that the stepfather had been shot after seeing evidence of a gunshot wound.

According to police, the man lived at the trailer with his wife and five stepsons. After a subsequent investigation, police arrested the three brothers. While the two older brothers are both facing second degree murder charges, the 11-year-old boy will be charged as a juvenile after he is brought back to Maryland from Philadelphia where he was staying with relatives.

The oldest brother is also facing an additional charge for drug violations. No motive has yet been established in the alleged shooting.

Violent crimes such as the heinous murder of a family member could result in a lengthy criminal sentence for defendants if they are convicted on murder charges. An experienced Maryland criminal attorney may be able to help defendants who become embroiled in these types of domestic family situations and could work with a defendant to potentially provide a criminal defense that could help to reduce charges or limit jail time.

Source: CBS Baltimore 13, “11 & 14-Year-Old Among 3 Brothers Charged In Stepfather’s Murder” Jul. 24, 2014