Maryland store employee faces charges for theft

Maryland store employee faces charges for theft

| Jul 11, 2014 | Larceny & Theft |

A 26-year-old Maryland man has been charged with theft over $500 and making a false report. The charges stem from an incident in which the man reportedly called police stating that he was the victim of an armed robbery at the store where he worked. In reality, however, police say that he was the one who committed the crime.

According to police, the man, who was an employee at a Metro PCS store on Ritchie Highway in Brooklyn Park, called in the report of a robbery at the store just before noon on Monday, June 30. He reportedly told Anne Arundel County police that two individuals had entered the business with a handgun and told him that it was a robbery. According to the man’s original story, the two individuals then left the premises with the money.

When police arrived at the scene, however, one of the officers noted that the clerk had a ladder. During a search of the crime scene, officers realized that the $500 had actually been taken and placed in the ceiling. During a subsequent interview with the man, he reportedly told investigators that he filed a false police report to hide the fact that he had taken money from the business.

Criminal charges involving theft, particularly when they are accompanied by other charges, can result in years behind bars. An experienced Maryland criminal defense attorney may be able to assist defendants who are charged with these types of crimes and work to dismiss the charges, or possibly aid in arranging a plea agreement to help reduce jail time.

Source: WBAL TV 11, “Police: Employee arrested for making false report,” July 1, 2014