Maryland postman faces charges for mail theft

Maryland postman faces charges for mail theft

| Jun 11, 2014 | Larceny & Theft |

A long-time postman from the Catonsville Postal Service facility is facing federal charges after authorities say he stole over 20,000 pieces of mail. The mailman has been employed with the United States Post Office since 1993.

According to court documents, the charges against the man stemmed from an investigation that began this past February after investigators received a tip from an Internet hotline. The tipster alleged that they had observed the mailman bringing mail back to his home and opening it so he could steal item that had been placed in the mail, such as jewelry, passports and DVDs.

A second informant also reportedly came forward alleging to authorities that they had actually been inside the mailman’s home and had observed a large selection of both unopened and opened mail inside the man’s residence. The informant reportedly provided photos of the home’s interior revealing a large assortment of mail that was not addressed to the mailman. The informant also provided authorities with 23 items of mail that they had taken from the residence to provide as proof.

During an investigation into the accusation, a special agent from the Postal Service Inspector General’s office reportedly observed the mailman enter the residence with a mail satchel during a stakeout. A subsequent search of the mailman’s residence revealed a multitude of bags, boxes and official Postal Service tubs filled with mail, including a $100 bag of Kennedy half dollar coins, magazines and gift cards.

The mailman has been charged with one count each of delaying the mail and mail theft.

Defendants who are accused of theft may face a lengthy jail sentence if they are convicted, especially if it is considered a federal crime. An experienced Maryland criminal attorney may be able to assist a defendant and work to provide a defense against these types of allegations.

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