Maryland political candidate faces extradition to Texas

Maryland political candidate faces extradition to Texas

| Jun 19, 2014 | Larceny & Theft |

Will J. Hanna, a 43-year-old Senate candidate from Maryland, is facing a warrant for his arrest and extradition back to Texas after allegedly writing a $5,000 check for a 1994 Jaguar back in 2008. He also allegedly wrote bad checks for approximately $19,000 to various businesses in Bexar County, Texas, around the same time.

According to prosecutors in Texas, Hanna, who has been charged with the unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and theft, allegedly wrote a check to the owner of the Jaguar and took possession of the car. The check later bounced, however, and prosecutors say that Hanna never made the check good nor returned the vehicle. He was indicted by a Guadelupe County grand jury on June 5.

Bexar County prosecutors report that Hanna is also facing misdemeanor charges and allegedly owes about $3,500 to a bus service, $7,000 to a sporting goods company, $425 to a retail store and $22 to a restaurant along with owing additional money to other businesses. Meanwhile, Hanna states that he was not aware of the bounced checks and has reportedly stated that someone else wrote the check in Bexar County.

He has also reportedly said that he was unaware of any bad checks when he moved from Texas to Baltimore in 2008 and that the Jaguar had broken down about a year after he got it. He has indicated that he wants the charges against him handled quickly.

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Source: The Baltimore Sun, “Md. Senate candidate wanted for theft in Texas” Luke Broadwater, Jun. 17, 2014