Maryland man faces charges in stabbing death of cleaning worker

Maryland man faces charges in stabbing death of cleaning worker

| May 25, 2014 | Violent Crimes |

A 25-year-old Pasadena, Maryland, man is facing multiple charges, including first degree assault, second degree assault, reckless endangerment and second degree murder in the stabbing death of the owner of a cleaning business. The 43-year-old woman had reportedly been cleaning in a medical office in Glen Burnie and was discovered Monday, May 12 by an employee who had arrived to open a gynecologist’s office located at the Medical Arts Centre on Hospital Drive.

According to Anne Arundel police, the man and the victim reportedly knew each other, and he had assisted her before with her cleaning business. Police have stated that they were also allegedly co-conspirators in illegal drug trading. They speculated that the man had attacked the woman with the intent of robbing her of cash and heroin.

Investigators were reportedly able to link the man to the stabbing after viewing surveillance tape that showed him without shoes waiting for a store at the Marley Mall to open the morning after the murder. Although police initially took the man into custody on an outstanding warrant from Michigan and an alleged charge of drug possession, they were reportedly able to identify blood inside his vehicle as that of his and the woman’s. As of May 16, he remained behind bars in Annapolis at the Jennifer Road Detention Center.

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Source: The Baltimore Sun, “Pasadena man charged in death of woman at medical office” Pamela Wood, May. 16, 2014