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Maryland man enters plea in child pornography case

A 49-year-old Mechanicsville, Maryland, man who was charged with production of child pornography has entered a plea agreement in his case. The charges against the man stemmed from a series of incidents back in February through May of 2013, in which the man allegedly took videos of a naked young male in a house where the man was staying.

According to court documents, the man was residing in the home of a family who had a 14-year-old boy. While staying with the family, investigators state that the man shared a bathroom in the home with the boy in which the man would reportedly leave a watch that contained a camera in a prominent area in the bathroom. The camera would then allegedly capture images of the boy's genital area while he was bathing in the shower and while he was using the restroom. Authorities say that the young boy was unaware at the time that he was being videotaped.

If the Court agrees to the plea agreement that has been reached, the man's sentencing is expected to run concurrent with another sentence of 25 years in prison with all but 20 years suspended. That sentence was handed down for an unrelated case in which he has reportedly agreed to plead guilty in for sexual abuse of a minor. The man is currently expected to serve 235 months in prison with a lifetime of supervision upon his release. He will also have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

Sex crimes such as production of child pornography and sexual abuse of a minor can have serious consequences for a defendant that could include affect their professional and personal life. An experienced Maryland criminal attorney could assist a defendant in providing a strong legal defense.

Source: Southern Maryland Online, "Mechanicsville man pleads guilty to federal, state sex crimes" No author given, Mar. 24, 2014

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