Manchester man faces sex crime charges against 13-year-old girl

Manchester man faces sex crime charges against 13-year-old girl

| Apr 9, 2014 | Sex Crimes |

A 22-year-old Manchester man has been charged with first degree sexual abuse and use of a minor under 16 in a sex performance, as well as second degree stalking, third degree unlawful transaction with a minor, and prohibited use of an electronic communications system to procure a minor to commit a sexual offense. The charges stemmed from a series of incidents that began after the man reportedly began communicating with a 13-year-old girl on Facebook on Jan. 29, 2013, and allegedly then began stalking her.

According to court documents, during their initial encounter, the man informed the girl that he was 16. After they began communicating back and forth on Facebook, however, he then allegedly began taking nude photographs of himself that he would send to the girl from his cell phone. He also reportedly made suggestions to her that she should send nude photos of herself to him.

Police officials state that during this time, the girl’s parents were unaware of her relationship with the man until he arrived at her Richmond home in May 2013, and wanted to see her. Once the parent’s became aware of his age they reportedly asked him to leave and ordered the man to cease contact with their daughter.

According to investigators, the man allegedly ignored these warnings and continued with his attempts to contact the girl, even going so far as to break into her Facebook account so that he could continue to keep tabs on her and send the girl messages. Officials also stated that the man reportedly threatened her and her family after she rebuked his advances.

The man currently remains behind bars in the Madison County Detention Center.

Sex offenses against a minor can have serious consequences that could affect a defendant’s personal and professional life. An experienced Maryland attorney could assist a defendant throughout the legal process.

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