Investigation leads to statutory rape charge for Maryland man

Investigation leads to statutory rape charge for Maryland man

| Apr 18, 2014 | Sex Crimes |

An investigation into the alleged statutory rape of a 13-year-old girl has led to the arrest of a 25-year-old Baltimore man. The man has been charged with multiple sex crimes, including sex abuse of a minor, second degree assault, second degree rape, and second, third and fourth degree sex offenses.

The charges against the man stemmed from an investigation that began on April 5, when police were called out to a residence on Claybrooke Drive about an alleged incident of statutory rape. During an interview with the mother of the 13-year-old girl, the mother told police that when she initially met the man whom her daughter was reportedly seeing, she had informed the man of her daughter’s age and told the man to stay away from her daughter.

During a subsequent interview with the daughter of the woman, the officer’s were reportedly told by the girl that she was pregnant and she allegedly then named the man, who she considered to be her boyfriend, as the father. Upon completion of their investigation, a warrant was issued for the man’s arrest and he was taken into police custody on April 11.

Sex crimes such as those that involve the rape or sexual assault of a minor are a serious offense and defendant’s who are accused of these types of crimes may face a criminal trial and a potentially long prison sentence. An experienced Maryland criminal attorney may be able to assist a defendant by helping to provide a strong criminal defense and could possibly help to reduce these types of charges and limit jail time.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, “Baltimore man, 25, charged in rape of 13-year-old girl” Colin Campbell, Apr. 14, 2014