Maryland girls face multiple charges for harming autistic boy

Maryland girls face multiple charges for harming autistic boy

| Mar 27, 2014 | Sex Crimes |

A 17-year-old Maryland high school student and her 15-year-old schoolmate are facing multiples charges, including assault, soliciting a subject in the production of child pornography and false imprisonment. The charges stem from an alleged series of events that occurred from December to March in which the two girls reportedly repeatedly assaulted and threatened a 16-year-old autistic boy with a knife while recording the events on one of the girl’s cellphones.

According to court records, an investigation into the alleged incidents began after the mother of one of the girls discovered a series of videos on her daughter’s cellphone. In the videos, the two girls are seen reportedly pointing a knife at the boy’s throat and forcing him to walk out on thin ice across a frozen pond, then not assisting him when he fell into the water. The two allegedly also hurt him by kicking him in the groin area. While other charges in the case reportedly may still be pending, police have stated that they chose to charge the girl’s with soliciting a subject in the production of pornography after one of the recorded videos showed the girls allegedly forcing the boy to masturbate and then engage in a sexual act with a family pet.

According to the New York Daily News, the mother of the 16-year-old autistic boy has reportedly told reporters that her son doesn’t understand the severity of the girl’s actions and still considers the girls to be his friends. Meanwhile, the 17-year-old has been released from custody, while her 15-year-old counterpart currently remains in a juvenile detention facility.

Sex offenses that involve children can have serious consequences for a defendant, such as damage to reputation and having to register on the sex offender registry for life. An experienced Maryland attorney could work to ensure that a defendant is treated fairly throughout the legal process.

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