Bel Air man charged with theft for payday scheme

Bel Air man charged with theft for payday scheme

| Mar 7, 2014 | Larceny & Theft |

A 50-year-old Bel Air man has been charged with multiple crimes for his alleged part in a “payday scheme” that involved him and a 59-year-old Air National Guard colonel. Charges against the 50-year-old man include 10 counts of conspiracy, false claims and theft of government property. The 59-year-old alleged co-conspirator was arraigned in an earlier court hearing and has been charged with 110 counts of conspiracy, wire fraud, false claims against the United States and theft of government property.

According to prosecutors, the 50-year-old man was responsible for dividing out paid workdays at the Joint Base Andrews in Prince George’s County. Due to financial problems the man became in danger of losing his job, so the 59-year-old man reportedly assigned him a paid, no-show reservist post at the 171st and withheld this information from other members of the Guard. He reportedly also supplied the 50-year-old man with false passing scores during his physical fitness exams and allegedly fixed 633 duty rosters to show the false workday information on the 50-year-old’s behalf. In exchange, the 50-year-old man then allegedly gave the other man “workdays.” This allowed the second man to not only receive double pay for the days he worked, but to also receive pay on the days he did not work as well.

Both men have since resigned from their respective jobs. Prosecutors say that the 50-year-old man now has no connection with the 171st, while the 59-year-old man remains on inactive status with the Air National Guard. They also stated that the investigation into the payday scheme, which has been ongoing since 2010, would continue and that there could eventually be charges brought against others who might have also allegedly participated.

The theft of government property can be a serious offense with severe penalties. An experienced Maryland attorney can work to ensure that a defendant is treated fairly throughout the legal process.

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