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March 2014 Archives

17-year-old Charles County teenager faces charges in shooting

A 17-year-old Charles County teenager faces multiple charges, including first-degree murder, second-degree murder, armed robbery, firearm use for a felony violent crime and handgun on a person for his alleged connection to the March 12 shooting death of a Crownsville cab driver. The charges initially stemmed, however, from a March 14 incident in which the 17-year-old was arrested for burglary. Police found the teenager reportedly hiding in a home after they responded to an emergency call about a break-in at a Governor Bridge Road area residence.

Maryland girls face multiple charges for harming autistic boy

A 17-year-old Maryland high school student and her 15-year-old schoolmate are facing multiples charges, including assault, soliciting a subject in the production of child pornography and false imprisonment. The charges stem from an alleged series of events that occurred from December to March in which the two girls reportedly repeatedly assaulted and threatened a 16-year-old autistic boy with a knife while recording the events on one of the girl's cellphones.

Baltimore County man faces murder charges after national manhunt

A 38-year-old Baltimore County man who was the subject of a national manhunt last week after allegedly murdering the mother of his children, has been extradited from Florence, South Carolina, and remains behind bars at the Baltimore County Detention Center. The search was the result of an Amber Alert that was issued for the man's 11-year-old daughter. The Amber Alert and subsequent arrest warrant for the man was issued after the mother of the girl was found dead in her bedroom after police responded to a residence in the Dundalk area.

Annapolis Mayor's cousin arrested for attempted murder

The 24-year-old cousin of the mayor of Annapolis and the cousin's 26-year-old alleged accomplice have been arrested and charged for attempted first and attempted second degree murder, first and second degree assault, use of a firearm in a violent crime, armed robbery, robbery, reckless endangerment and theft of less than $1,000. The charges stemmed from an alleged shooting and robbery that occurred back on Jan. 20, 2014.

Maryland traffic stop results in drug charges for two men

A 27-year-old driver and his 31-year-old passenger have been charged with possession as well as possession with intent to distribute cocaine along with giving a false statement. The passenger turned out to be a fugitive.

Maryland teen arrested after shooting father

An Baltimore County 18-year-old has been charged with first-degree murder for allegedly shooting and killing his father. The alleged incident occurred on Feb. 27, 2013, and stemmed from an argument that the two were having.

Bel Air man charged with theft for payday scheme

A 50-year-old Bel Air man has been charged with multiple crimes for his alleged part in a "payday scheme" that involved him and a 59-year-old Air National Guard colonel. Charges against the 50-year-old man include 10 counts of conspiracy, false claims and theft of government property. The 59-year-old alleged co-conspirator was arraigned in an earlier court hearing and has been charged with 110 counts of conspiracy, wire fraud, false claims against the United States and theft of government property.

Ruling expected in whether Baltimore men had gang ties

A 31-one year-old man and his 20-year-old accomplice made their first appearance in court for a pretrial hearing on Friday. The two face charges of first-degree murder for their alleged part in the killing of a 12-year-old East Baltimore student.

Lochearn caregiver found guilty in elderly assault case

A 54-year-old Lochearn man who was facing second-degree assault charges has been found guilty by a jury after a two-day trial. The charges stemmed from an incident back in Dec. 2012 in which the man, who worked as a Baltimore County caregiver, was observed allegedly striking his 63-year-old charge on the arms and head while they were at a medical facility in Owings Mills. The man faces up to 10 years in prison and has been ordered to pay a fine of $2,500.

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