Maryland man receives 40 years for producing child pornography

Maryland man receives 40 years for producing child pornography

| Feb 7, 2014 | Sex Crimes |

A 31-year-old Federalsburg man faces 40 years in federal prison after being sentenced for allegedly producing child pornography. This sentence will be served concurrently with a 40 year state sentence that the man received back in October 2013 after pleading guilty to a second-degree rape and a second-degree sex offense that were part of the same case.

The charges stemmed from an incident in which the man allegedly molested a minor, took sexually explicit photographs of the minor and then distributed the photographs over the Internet.

According to court documents, the investigation initially began when the man’s girlfriend discovered sexually explicit images of a child on his email account and called the sheriff’s department. After a search warrant was executed on the man’s email account, investigators discovered that there were not only digital images of the child that he had allegedly sent to someone else, but also other emails with sexually explicit images of other minors dating back to July of 2011.

Investigators stated that they had also recovered a hard drive belonging to the man that contained 45 images of child pornography dating back to 2008, and a laptop with records of chats dating back to 2006. In these, the man had allegedly chatted openly with others about child pornography and exchanged child pornography images. Recent text messages about child pornography were also allegedly recovered from the man’s phone, but the attached images that were with the text messages had all been erased.

Sex crimes that include the sexual assault of a child or possession of child pornography can carry lengthy prison sentences. An experienced Maryland attorney may be able to assist in having these charges reduced and could ensure that the defendant is treated fairly during the legal process.

Source:, “Federalsburg man gets 40-year federal sentence for child pornography” Scott Zalewski, Feb. 04, 2014