Three men arrested in Maryland on drug charges

Three men arrested in Maryland on drug charges

| Jan 2, 2014 | Drug Charges |

Some people may believe they can outwit authorities when it comes to illegal activity, but drug crimes can catch up to a person at odd times. For three men traveling in an SUV in Maryland on Dec. 27, a traffic stop turned into numerous drug charges. According to authorities, all three men are 20 years of age and were released on bonds of $25,000 following the arrest.

Authorities report that the SUV carrying the three men was stopped due to traveling at an excessive speed. During the stop, police found numerous drug items in the car. According to reports, the police found baggies of methamphetamine and bath salt capsules that totaled a street value of up to $1,000. In all, there were two bags containing a total of 67 pills.

Police also recovered a bag containing what they suspected was cocaine. They estimate the cocaine to be valued between $400 and $500 on the street. The men were also carrying $1,186 in cash.

All three of the men are facing four separate drug-related charges. At this time, other details of the case are unknown or are not being released. It’s possible that the drugs and money didn’t belong to everyone in the vehicle. It’s even possible that one or more of the men was riding in the car ignorant of the drug items.

Although those details are not known in this case, it’s important to remember that association with drugs or drug-related individuals can result in charges being levied against you. Though a strong defense could exonerate you from such charges, making good decisions about who you ride with or spend time around reduces the chance of such trouble. This is especially true for individuals who have faced previous charges or convictions or who are on probation.

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