Maryland man faces murder charges after shooting

Maryland man faces murder charges after shooting

| Jan 10, 2014 | Violent Crimes |

Drugs can cause people to do crazy things, including theft, assault and even murder. A recent drug-related shooting has left a Maryland man dead. The suspect has been placed under arrest and now faces murder charges for his alleged role in the shooting.

The shooting occurred on the evening of Dec. 30 in District Heights, about a half-hour outside Silver Spring. A 22-year-old man allegedly shot a 32-year-old man. Police found the victim with a gunshot wound, and he was taken to a local hospital, but later died.

However, before the man died, he was able to give police a description of the man who shot him and in which direction he went. Police were able to find the suspect. He was arrested and now faces first degree murder charges. He is currently at the Department of Corrections. Police investigation shows that drugs were involved in the shooting.

Violent crimes such as murder carry stiff penalties. There are several degrees of murder. First degree murder – which is what the man in this case was charged with – is the most serious of the three. This degree of murder charge means that the killing was willful and planned. This charge can result in a life sentence or the death penalty. This means that the man – only 22 years old – will likely spend the rest of his life in jail, unless he can find a way to persuade a judge and jury that he is innocent of the charges.

An experienced criminal defense attorney will ensure that their client’s rights are protected during the legal process, but he or she will also strive to build a defense against the charges that could bring the case to a positive outcome.

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