Woman to spend 5 years in prison for attempted hair weave robbery

Woman to spend 5 years in prison for attempted hair weave robbery

| Dec 10, 2013 | Larceny & Theft |

A 19-year-old Maryland woman was sentenced to five years in prison after becoming involved in an altercation after attempting to steal hair weaves. According to the report, the woman attempted to steal approximately $850 in hair weaves from Gaithersburg’s Town Beauty Supply in September 2012.

During the altercation, the woman attempted to take a cell phone from the store owner from across a counter. She also attempted to hit the owner with her shoe. The woman’s baby also became involved when the woman flung around the stroller the baby had been sitting in. The child was picked up by the woman’s acquaintances. An attorney with the Montgomery County State’s Attorney stated that the woman had attempted to use the baby as a cover for the robbery.

The woman pleaded guilty to attempted robbery. An acquaintance also pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct. The report also indicated that a third person involved in the attempted robbery had not been identified.

Those who are accused of theft or attempted robbery may face severe punishments, including lengthy prison sentences, hefty fines and court costs and a criminal record. This criminal record may make it difficult for many to seek adequate employment once they have left jail as employers may be wary of individuals who were convicted of robbery or attempted robbery.

A criminal attorney may be able to provide a strong defense for clients who are accused of robbery. In a case like this, for example, the attorney may be able to negotiate with the prosecution in order to have any prison sentences or other consequences reduced. Instead of a lengthy prison sentence, the attorney may be able to have their client enter into a rehabilitation program if the cause of the robbery stems from drug or alcohol abuse.

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