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December 2013 Archives

Maryland firefighter charged with prostitution

Firefighters are known for helping people, so it may take some readers by surprise that a Maryland firefighter is facing federal charges for taking advantage of women and using them as prostitutes. The 31-year-old man ran a brothel with another 35-year-old man, and both have pled guilty to sex trafficking charges.

Howard County, Maryland, DUI checkpoint nets 9 arrests

Many police departments set up DUI checkpoints around the holiday season, when parties - and alcohol usage - tend to be more common. Police officers in Howard County, Maryland, recently set up a checkpoint on Route 40 and arrested nine offenders. Mothers Against Drunk Driving and Maryland State Police also participated in the checkpoint.

Maryland accountant facing new theft charges

An accountant from Chrisfield is facing new charges; he was taken into custody previously on allegations of forgery and theft. In the morning of Dec. 13, Maryland State Police took the accountant into custody and charged him with two counts of theft. He was held on a $25,000 bond.

Maryland man faces charges related to underage pornography

A 35-year-old man was arrested recently on charges of possession of child pornography with attempt to distribute. A judge had ordered him to be detained until his next court appearance, but the man's criminal defense lawyer filed a motion to request he be released from custody so that he may live with his parents in Maryland. The lawyer said he is prepared to cooperate with mental health professionals to receive a mental health evaluation. His lawyer noted that he will also have to agree to relinquish his passport and stay away from underage children.

Woman to spend 5 years in prison for attempted hair weave robbery

A 19-year-old Maryland woman was sentenced to five years in prison after becoming involved in an altercation after attempting to steal hair weaves. According to the report, the woman attempted to steal approximately $850 in hair weaves from Gaithersburg's Town Beauty Supply in September 2012.

Maryland man accused of stealing computer

Police took into custody a 59-year-old Belcamp man who is accused of stealing a computer from a Towson University student. The theft occurred at an Aberdeen library where police say that the man followed the student prior to luring him away from the computer. Police officials say that they retrieved video surveillance tapes from the library and were able to see what occurred. They then printed photos of the accused man for distribution.

Maryland police charge man with transporting 56 lbs of pot

A 30-year-old New York man was pulled over and subsequently charged with several drug crimes in Maryland. Police say that he was stopped because he did not change lanes upon seeing another police officer who was dealing with an unrelated traffic stop. The officer reported that he noted "several criminal indicators" during the traffic stop.

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