Three charged in Maryland drug bust

Three charged in Maryland drug bust

| Nov 7, 2013 | Drug Charges |

Three individuals are facing drug charges after police were called to a hotel on Oct. 30. When police arrived, they allegedly noticed the odor of marijuana in a hallway while standing directly outside one of the rooms. An officer placed himself next to the door when two people walked out of the room unexpectedly. Police say that a third individual in the room quickly went into the bathroom and allegedly began flushing evidence down the toilet.

Once inside, police reportedly found drug paraphernalia, a loaded handgun, 1.5 pounds of marijuana and more than $1,300 in cash. Police seized those items as well as a vehicle and six cell phones. Reports say that the street value of the seized marijuana is over $5,000. All three individuals were arrested and now face charges of possession with intent to distribute drugs, possession of a fire arm and drug trafficking.

In Maryland, drug offenses have serious consequences, which can range from substantial fines to extended jail time. Building a defense case against drug related charges often includes looking at how evidence was obtained. If, for instance, police did not have a legitimate reason to search an individual’s apartment or vehicle, a motion to suppress can prevent some evidence from being considered in court. An attorney may be able to help the individuals who are facing these charges question the evidence and procedure employed by police officers in this case. While arguing such a case, the attorney may be able to have evidence against a client removed from consideration.

In some cases, an attorney may suggest a guilty plea, which may limit the length of a jail sentence. The charges may be also be reduced if an individual agrees to participate in a drug education program or enroll in a rehabilitation facility, in some cases.

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