Pot smell, traffic lead police to raid house of Lil’ Mo’s ex

Pot smell, traffic lead police to raid house of Lil’ Mo’s ex

| Nov 11, 2013 | Drug Charges |

It’s a scene not unlike those encountered in nearby Maryland. A particular house in Pasadena constantly smells like marijuana and plays host to a regular stream of cars slowing down, doing some business and then speeding away. Finally, neighbor complaints lead to a tactical narcotics enforcement team raiding the house and allegedly discovering the cause of both of these issues: 158 pot plants and other marijuana in bulk. A representative for the Anne Arundel County police department said that a search warrant was executed and that police seized plants and loose marijuana worth about $127,000.

Taken into custody was the 40-year-old ex-husband of the R&B singer and rapper known as Lil’ Mo. The music star once lived in Baltimore with the man but divorced him following a series of high-profile affairs. Lil’ Mo and her now-ex met at a Washington, D.C., area gas station. Five months later they got married, and six years after that they divorced.

According to neighbors of the house in Pasadena, roofers began to suspect marijuana use there when they detected its distinct smell coming out of the house’s smokestack. The quantity of pot and other evidence allegedly found in the house means that the 40-year-old could face many charges, including possession, manufacturing and distribution of the drug, according to a local television station’s report. One neighbor said that, at about 10 a.m., he saw authorities carrying tall marijuana plants out of the house.

Drug charges in Maryland can come after police claim to find cocaine, methamphetamine or other illegal substances in an individual’s possession. An attorney may be the person needed to fight accusations of drug crimes by examining the search and seizure for any missteps that could mean a dismissal of charges.

Source: ABC 2, “Lil Mo’s ex-husband arrested in Pasadena marijuana bust “, Jeff Hager, November 05, 2013