Maryland man facing drug kingpin charges

Maryland man facing drug kingpin charges

| Oct 17, 2013 | Drug Charges |

In Maryland, a cross-jurisdictional investigation has charged a man from Havre de Grace as a drug kingpin. According to court documents, an undercover police officer made a purchase of more than 127 grams of cocaine. The detective paid $5,800 in a hand-to-hand drug deal. Once the money was given, the man reached into a hidden compartment near the radiator of his vehicle where he accessed the drugs, according to charging documents.

The police had been following the moves of his drug distribution network for months. Police say that they determined from text and call exchanges that this man is a significant Harford and Baltimore County drug dealer. While the exchange was taking place, the drug kingpin gave more detailed information about the way his “peoples” would transport the drugs; he mentioned “2 keys” or two kilograms been missed by the police in one occasion when they had been stopped and searched.

After obtaining a warrant from Harford County District Court to search a residence associated with the man, the police say they found large amount of drugs, $2996 in cash and a 22-caliber weapon. Police took the man into custody and charged him as a drug kingpin and for possession of firearms related to drug trafficking crimes. The maximum punishment for kingpin charges is 40 years and the minimum is 20 years plus a $1 million fine.

Maryland residents who are facing drug charges may have questions about how to defend themselves against the accusations. They may also have questions about how the charges will appear on their records and what effect they will have on their future employment prospects. An attorney may answer some of these questions and anticipate the actions of the prosecution in order to establish a reasonable defense.

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