Maryland man charged after alleged sexual assault

Maryland man charged after alleged sexual assault

| Oct 1, 2013 | Sex Crimes |

A 38-year-old man was charged with second degree rape, third degree sex offense, fourth degree sex offense and second degree assault on Sept. 24. Leonardtown’s sheriff’s office received a report of a sexual assault at approximately 5 a.m. that morning.

According to the women, she was familiar with the man. He had knocked on her door the night before and requested to spend the night with her, saying that he didn’t have anywhere to go. She allowed him to stay the night with her, instructing him to sleep on the couch. She said that she was later awakened to a sexual assault from the man.

She was able to get away from him and call the police. However, the man fled from her residence on foot. Patrol units and K-9 units were unable to locate him after performing an extensive search of the area. Around noon, he was finally found and taken into police custody.

People who are convicted of sexual crimes could have to serve anywhere from one year to life in state prison, depending upon the circumstances of their alleged crimes and their state’s laws. Additionally, they could be ordered to stay away from the alleged victims. They could also have to pay fines, fees and court costs in relation to their offenses. Additionally, they could be required to have to register in the sexual offender registry everywhere they live. The registry requires offenders to list their names, addresses and information about their crimes, and all that information is public and can be found on sex offender registry websites.

Criminal law attorneys might be able to help people who are facing sexual assault charges. Sexual assault crimes are serious offenses that can greatly impact people’s lives. Attorneys might be able to conduct their own investigations into people’s cases and help them contest their charges or negotiate a plea deal for them.

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