Man receives sentence after guilty plea

Man receives sentence after guilty plea

| Oct 28, 2013 | Drug Charges |

A man from Baltimore received a 10-year sentence after accepting a plea deal on Oct. 23. He received the sentence for allegedly distributing heroin.

The plea agreement stated that the man, while driving a red Lexus on Oct. 30, 2012, committed several traffic violations. The Baltimore Police spotted the man’s commission of these violations and pulled him over. An officer then walked up to the vehicle and saw heroin in plain sight. The police officer said that the man allegedly tried to hide the bag that had the heroin inside of it by kicking it under the car seat. The officer then instructed the man to vacate the vehicle. Police allege that the man attempted to flee but was captured.

Upon searching the man’s body, officers allege that they also found a plastic bag that had four gel caps containing heroin and $804 in cash. Officers then searched his vehicle and found the first bag that the officer allegedly saw in plain sight. That bag contained 850 gel caps that contain suspected heroin. The total seizure amounted to 174 grams of heroin. In addition to his prison sentence for possession with intent to distribute heroin, he will also serve five years of supervised release. As part of his plea, the man admitted to the crime and accepted that he was a “career offender” because of his three previous drug convictions.

Montgomery criminal defense lawyers may be able to assist individuals who are facing serious criminal charges. They may be able to challenge the constitutionality of a search if it was conducted when there was no reason to suspect wrongdoing. They may also help get plea agreements for their clients for reduced sentences.

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