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Man accused of growing pot under daycare

A Maryland man was recently taken into custody by police for allegedly running a marijuana grow operation underneath a daycare in Savage. According to Howard County Police, this home doubled as a daycare center licensed to the accused man's fiancee. Police claim that the house contained a sophisticated grow room specifically built for marijuana.

Police say that the secret room had a high-tech ventilation system to cover up the odor of the pot, as well as other features such as special insulation and lighting. They also say that their raid resulted in a discovery of bags of drugs in the house. In addition, police say they found ammunition as well as firearms in the house and in the shed in the backyard of the house.

The daycare's license has been suspended in light of the recent drug charges. The 31-year-old accused man was charged with manufacturing, production and distribution of marijuana. According to officials, he will probably face more charges. His bail was set, and he was released at $35,000 bond.

Drug charges in Maryland are serious offenses that involve jail time and expensive fines. They can also cause losses of child custody, employment and personal property in some cases. A skilled criminal defense attorney may be able to help clients by protecting their interests and rights in order to seek a positive resolution. They may also be instrumental in determining if an illegal search and seizure led to the discovery of drug evidence, thereby possibly lessening a client's sentence.

Source: CBS Baltimore, "Man Running Large Scale Drug Operation Out Of Home Daycare Center Arrested", Meghan McCorkell, October 04, 2013

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