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October 2013 Archives

9 face drug charges; more arrests pending

Nine people in Maryland were taken into custody on Oct. 9 for possible drug dealing after authorities served search warrants on seven residences at the same time. Warrants were also issued for six individuals on Oct. 11 in an extensive raid for drug charges when local, state and federal law enforcement agencies cooperated in order to apprehend the individuals. The residences involved were located in Chesterton and Millington.

Maryland man facing drug kingpin charges

In Maryland, a cross-jurisdictional investigation has charged a man from Havre de Grace as a drug kingpin. According to court documents, an undercover police officer made a purchase of more than 127 grams of cocaine. The detective paid $5,800 in a hand-to-hand drug deal. Once the money was given, the man reached into a hidden compartment near the radiator of his vehicle where he accessed the drugs, according to charging documents.

Maryland woman accused of bank robbery

A woman in Maryland was identified as a bank robber in part because she has eczema on her hands, police say. Police allege that a 47-year-old Maryland woman committed a robbery at The Bank of Glen Burnie on Crain Highway South and returned to rob the same branch two weeks later.

Man accused of growing pot under daycare

A Maryland man was recently taken into custody by police for allegedly running a marijuana grow operation underneath a daycare in Savage. According to Howard County Police, this home doubled as a daycare center licensed to the accused man's fiancee. Police claim that the house contained a sophisticated grow room specifically built for marijuana.

Maryland Belk employee taken into custody after alleged theft

A Belk Department Store in Maryland called police after one of the store's employees allegedly stole from the retailer. Authorities consulted with Belk's Loss Prevention team and saw video of the 19-year-old man apparently committing a theft. The video reportedly showed the worker stuffing merchandise into his pants pockets before he went into the employee locker room to retrieve his backpack. Out of view of the camera for a few moments, the employee then reportedly returned his backpack in his locker.

Narcotics dealer also facing attempted murder charge

A Maryland federal undercover agent has played a key role in the apprehension of a person suspected of major Internet drug dealing and plotting to have a witness eliminated. The 29-year-old San Francisco area man is believed to have built up a lucrative narcotics business since 2011 called the Silk Road. The defendant's website is also alleged to contain procedures for hacking ATM machines and lists of hit men for hire.

Maryland man charged after alleged sexual assault

A 38-year-old man was charged with second degree rape, third degree sex offense, fourth degree sex offense and second degree assault on Sept. 24. Leonardtown's sheriff's office received a report of a sexual assault at approximately 5 a.m. that morning.

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