Maryland man detained following alleged Office Depot theft

Maryland man detained following alleged Office Depot theft

| Sep 13, 2013 | Larceny & Theft |

On Sept. 3, a 51-year-old security guard was allegedly robbed after trying to recover stolen merchandise for an Office Depot store. The security guard had been following a man who he believed robbed the store. The security guard apparently confronted the individual and tried to make an emergency 911 call, but the accused man allegedly knocked him down and took his cell phone.

A detective in the area observed the 26-year-old man shoving the security guard. The detective chased after the man on foot. After other officers joined him, the accused was detained in a section of forested land near Wellham Avenue and Ritchie Highway.

Police say that the man was indicted on multiple charges that include reckless endangerment, resisting arrest, theft and robbery. Police also reported that the detective hurt his leg while running after the accused man, but they did not say whether this would result in additional charges against the man. Reports did not specify whether the man had a previous criminal record nor if the merchandise that he supposedly stole from the Office Depot on Ritchie Highway was actually discovered on his person.

Criminal theft charges are often leveled against defendants in association with other alleged crimes. The tendency for police to add other associated charges can lead to more severe penalties and harsher consideration by members of juries. Criminal defense attorneys who can clarify events and present cases in a more favorable manner may be able to help these individuals fight charges or appeal their sentences.

Source: WUSA, “Deshawn Quinton Johnson arrested for robbery, theft in Office Depot incident”, Meta Pettus, September 04, 2013