Maryland delegate alters story of beating and robbery 

Maryland delegate alters story of beating and robbery 

| Sep 20, 2013 | Violent Crimes |

A Prince George’s County delegate was allegedly the victim of an assault at around 3 a.m. on Sept. 1. An initial police charging document confirmed witnesses’ claims that the victim was found with no shirt and a bloody lip following an alleged beating and robbery at a Largo condominium.

However, details into the incident report appear to be inconsistent with those included in the charging report. Also, the delegate told a local TV station that he wasn’t hurt in the attack. The media outlet noted a number of seeming inconsistencies in his story. For example, the very first officer on the scene states that the Maryland delegate told him that he had been carjacked by three unknown male assailants. However, in the charging document, the victim initially states that he picked the men up at an Exxon station when they said they needed a ride. However, in the incident report, he is quoted as stating that he actually picked the men up at a Kentland McDonald’s.

In the charging document version of events, the man says that, upon reaching the condominium the men asked to be taken to, he asked to use the bathroom. He says that the three assailants then attacked him inside the home. In the incident report, he indicates that an attack occurred in a hallway instead. Neighbors seemed to verify this latter version by showing a news reporter the blood splattered on a mailbox in the hallway. One accused individual has been taken into custody, and he is facing a number of possible charges. The delegate’s automobile has been recovered, along with his delegate tags. Meanwhile, two other men remain at-large.

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Source: NBC Washington, “Conflicting Information in Beating, Robbery of Maryland Delegate Darren Swain”, Tracee Wilkins, September 09, 2013