Singer’s sons allegedly involved in fight

Singer’s sons allegedly involved in fight

| Aug 19, 2013 | Violent Crimes |

1980s music fans in Maryland are watching after John Mellencamp’s two sons allegedly engaged in a fight at the end of July. On Aug. 16, the younger of the singer’s sons surrendered himself on felony charges. The 18-year-old was allegedly involved in an assault but released on bond. His 19-year-old brother also faces the same charges but had not yet surrendered himself as of Aug. 16. A third person, the son of a college basketball coach, is also supposedly involved.

According to official reports, the trio went to the home of another 19-year-old during the early morning hours of July 29. The younger son thought the resident hit him at a party, so he punched him in the face with such force that he fell down. The resident reported that the trio continued fighting in his home until his roommates intervened and stopped the fight. The three fled, and the resident and his roommates contacted law enforcement.

The younger son plays guitar while the older brother boxes on the Golden Gloves amateur circuit. The older brother is also a walk-on with a university football team, although the charges could affect his playing status. When law enforcement personnel spoke to the siblings, they said they thought someone at the home hit the younger brother in the face. He was upset and didn’t think about contacting law enforcement.

The 19-year-old could need plastic surgery due to the alleged fight. He was transported to a medical facility and treated for broken bones in his face, received stitches and underwent a consultation for possible plastic surgery. When someone faces felony charges, it could affect their future plans for schooling and careers. A criminal defense lawyer might be able to help clients negotiate a plea agreement in order to possibly reduce the charges.

Source: USA Today, “Mellencamp son turns self in following battery charges”, Ryan Sabalow, August 16, 2013