Six taken into custody after police recover drugs

Six taken into custody after police recover drugs

| Jul 10, 2013 | Drug Charges |

Six individuals have been charged with drug-related offenses in Maryland after police discovered drugs during a vehicle search. According to the report, the vehicle was stopped due to seat-belt violation. Police officers asked permission to conduct a search when they noticed that the passengers appeared nervous. The officers reportedly recovered a large amount of LSD, marijuana, a knife and more than $2,000. The police also seized the vehicle.

All six individuals have been charged with possession of marijuana and LSD. Three of the individuals were charged with two counts of intent to distribute. One individual was also charged for possessing a concealed dangerous weapon and another was additionally charged for making false statements, a seat-belt violation and failure to provide a license.

Individuals who are accused of drug crimes often face severe punishments if they are convicted. A dedicated attorney may be able to defend their clients against the accusations by challenging the actions taken by police that led to the arrest. In this case, the attorney may be able to challenge the vehicle search if consent to do so was not given and there was no probable cause.

In many cases, however, those who are accused of possessing drugs or intending to distribute drugs often find themselves needing help. An experienced Maryland attorney may be able to determine if their clients are eligible to have their cases heard in a drug court. This way, they could be provided with the resources that they may need to help in their case. If convicted, an attorney may be able to arrange for the accused individuals to attend rehabilitation and receive supervised probation and career assistance as an alternative to a jail sentence.

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