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Maryland teens arrested in connection with theft

A pair of 18-year-olds were arraigned in connection with being taken into custody for an after-hours robbery at a convenience store. The theft is alleged to have happened after the Sunday evening closing of the store. The male accused individual is said to have hidden in the facility prior to closing time. After the employees left, he allegedly took a cashbox that contained cash and checks totaling approximately $2,000 in value. He was allegedly met outside of the store by the female accused, his girlfriend.

Police took the pair into custody on the following Tuesday, recovering several hundred dollars in stolen money from their home. Charges for each defendant include felony third-degree burglary and fourth-degree grand larceny. After the arraignment, the teenagers were released on their own recognizance with a July court date set. The potential penalty faced by each of the accused in the event of a conviction is up to seven years in prison.

Because of their age, the teenagers face stiff penalties as adults if they are convicted. The transition into adulthood can be very serious for those accused of being involved in criminal activities like burglary. Character issues may come into play as the case is presented. A history of juvenile involvement in illegal activities or lack thereof could be a factor in the outcome of the case. Although most illegal acts by juveniles are not treated as criminal in Maryland, governmental agencies may have access to records.

When a young adult faces criminal charges such as these, it can be challenging to understand the long-term implications of a conviction. Whether or not there is a juvenile record of delinquent activity, it may be helpful for that individual to work with a qualified criminal lawyer to ensure that the defendant is well-represented and that records aren't misrepresented.

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