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Man and two women arrested for prostitution after investigation

Maryland residents may be interested to hear that a North Carolina man and two woman have been taken into police custody after being suspected for being involved in a prostitution business. According to police, the man was allegedly running his prostitution business out of a hotel and had even set up a system that would transport his clients to and from the location.

The investigation began after an ad was discovered on a site that was known to post about sexually-based services. The man was charged with human trafficking, prostitution and drug possession. At the time that he was taken into custody, he was out of prison on bond for related charges in another state. The two young women, aged 19 and 22, were charged with prostitution in addition to other drug charges.

Individuals who are convicted of sex crimes, such as prostitution, face severe punishments. Not only do they face hefty fines and a jail sentence, but they also face being listed on the sex offender registry. Registering can negatively affect the individual's social life and professional career, including employment and living situation.

An experienced Maryland attorney may be able to help their clients have the charges reduced or dismissed. The attorney may be able to challenge any search warrants if there was no probable cause, and they may be able to challenge any evidence that was found during investigations. An attorney may also be able to negotiate directly with prosecutors to reduce sentences as well as the time that their client's name appears on the sex offender registry.

Source: WJLA ABC 7, "Michael Boswell, two women charged in Maryland prostitution ring", June 24, 2013

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