Jail inmate accused of planning to sell drugs

Jail inmate accused of planning to sell drugs

| Jul 29, 2013 | Drug Charges |

A 21-year-old man who was already in custody in a Maryland jail allgedly smuggled medication into the facility to later sell on July 19. According to court documents, jail personnel located a container with 82 pills during a routine dormitory search. As the deputy attempted to confiscate the container, the inmate supposedly attempted to take some of the pills. However, the jail official took the pills from him and managed to gain control of the situation.

The drugs included 20 psychiatric drugs and 62 painkillers of different types. Jail personnel said that although the man had been searched before he was admitted to the jail, he managed to keep the drugs hidden. Because of the number of pills, authorities suspected that he planned to sell the drugs to others in the facility. He faces a number of drug charges including possession of a drug, possessing a prescription drug, possession of narcotics and possession of contraband. He was held in custody without bail.

When someone is already in custody for an alleged crime, they could receive enhanced penalties if they commit another offense while incarcerated. The authorities might decide to run the sentences consecutively, or back-to-back, if the person is convicted of the second offense. The prosecution may argue that the person hadn’t learned their lesson in jail and decided to continue with their criminal activity.

A criminal defense lawyer might be able to help clients by negotiating a plea agreement. The lawyer might review the circumstances surrounding the offenses and ask for the inmate’s version of events. The lawyer could try to request a reduced sentence that runs consecutively, or at the same time, as any sentence their client is already serving.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, “Inmate from Belcamp charged with smuggling drugs into Harford jail”, Bryna Zumer, July 25, 2013