16 family members accused of drug dealing, robbery

16 family members accused of drug dealing, robbery

| Jul 23, 2013 | Drug Charges |

Federal agents filed charges against 16 individuals accused of being part of a large drug-dealing operation in Baltimore, Maryland. Investigators claimed that the accused are a group of relatives that worked together to sell drugs out of a family-owned automobile repair shop. After the indictments were issued, 12 family members were taken into custody.

It is alleged that the shop’s owner allowed customers to come to his shop to buy and sell percocet, methadone, cocaine, heroin and oxycodone. The man’s wife, nephew and two sons are also accused of being part of the drug ring. A representative for the Drug Enforcement Agency also claims that the government confiscated 35 firearms as part of the investigation. Investigators believe that family members made approximately $2 million from drug sales.

It is alleged that the accused were also involved in arson, home invasions and commercial robberies. A representative from the U.S. Attorney’s Office alleges that the family members would enter stores to steal safes, ATMs or merchandise such as cigarettes. These crimes reportedly occurred in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware and the District of Columbia. The alleged robberies purportedly resulted in an additional $1 million in profit for those involved. Friends and neighbors are stunned at the allegations against the family.

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Source: CBS Baltimore, “Over A Dozen Relatives Charged In Elaborate Drug Dealing Operation”, July 18, 2013