Sentencing delayed in Maryland home invasion case

Sentencing delayed in Maryland home invasion case

| Jun 13, 2013 | Violent Crimes |

Sentencing for a case of home invasion involving a 34-year-old Maryland man has been postponed due to claims that he was not aware he was due in court. He was also supposedly going to fire his criminal defense attorney. The man has been convicted of a home invasion that occurred in January 2012 and will be potentially facing life in prison and a sentence of up to 200 years. The man reportedly entered the home armed with a weapon and assaulted the maid. He reportedly left the scene in a car owned by one of the residents.

The convicted man is believed by police to have been responsible for another home invasion in Silver Spring that occurred only a day before. During this invasion, the man was alleged to hold a woman and child at gunpoint. He was reported to have stolen the woman’s credit card, cash and vehicle after locking her and her child in the closet.

The man is also alleged to have committed a Temple Hills home invasion and a robbery in Upper Marlboro. In Temple Hills, it is claimed that he held six people inside and repeatedly sexually assaulted one of them. He is further reported to have committed a bank robbery in the District. He has been convicted in the past of several violent crimes, including manslaughter, robbery and a sexual offense.

This trial has been delayed because the defendant has chosen to fire his current legal defense. He may be seeking to obtain a criminal defense attorney who can defend him against the harsh sentencing that he may receive. He is facing up to 200 years in prison due to the violent nature of his crimes and the fact that he is allegedly a repeat offender.

Source: Washington Post, “Sentencing postponed in Maryland home-invasion”, St. Joan Barned-Smith, June 06, 2013