Chesterfield resident facing heroin distribution charges

Chesterfield resident facing heroin distribution charges

| Jun 7, 2013 | Drug Charges |

A 26-year-old resident of Chesterfield is facing charges of possession of heroin with the intent to distribute. The Kent County Narcotics Task Force conducted a search and seizure of the Maryland resident’s home in coordination with the local police department and reportedly discovered five bags of what they believe to be heroin as well as drug paraphernalia. The man is being held at the Kent County Detention Center with bail set at $1 million.

A judge has yet to determine whether the evidence that the police collected will constitute probable cause for the alleged offenses. This is the second set of drug charges that this man is facing, and he is still awaiting trial for his previous charges.

Earlier in the year, the same man was brought up on charges of the possession of both heroin and Oxycodone with the intent to distribute. A drug task force searching his home and allegedly discovered over 200 bags of what appeared to be heroin along with digital scales, cash and a loaded rifle. The heroin was allegedly packaged for redistribution in 10 to 13 bundles. After being detained for this set of charges the man posted a bond of $20,000 and was released.

The charges this man will face include, but are not limited to, the possession of heroin with the intent to distribute. He is also facing previous charges of the intent to distribute both heroin and Oxycodone. However, the actual substances involved have not yet been confirmed. A criminal defense attorney may be able to successfully negotiate a plea that could involve a lesser prison sentence. They may also be able to inspect the police investigation for any faults that may lead to reduced sentencing.

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