University of Maryland student charged with assault

University of Maryland student charged with assault

| May 22, 2013 | Violent Crimes |

A 22-year-old former student at the University of Maryland was charged in connection with a stabbing that occurred in one of the campus residence halls. The accused man was charged with both first- and second-degree assault related to a stabbing incident that occurred during a fight with another student.

Early one morning, the two began arguing in the residence hall and, during the course of the argument, the student was stabbed in the arm. The injury is not considered to be life-threatening, but the accused man is charged with assault in connection with the incident.

The accused man had recently withdrawn from school and was charged earlier with carrying a dangerous and concealed weapon on school property. Police believe that alcohol was involved in the incident, although they did not say if the student who was stabbed, the accused man, or both were drinking.

Assault is a serious charge that can carry significant fines, jail time and other penalties. Those accused of this crime must defend their rights to a fair trial and to proper investigatory procedure during the case. This is especially true if the case hinges on the testimony of a person who was fighting with the accused at the time of the alleged crime. A criminal defense attorney may represent someone accused of a violent crime. In some cases, those accused are able to have charges reduced or dismissed for lack of evidence or improper investigative procedures. In other cases, the accused person may arrange a plea agreement that allows for a guilty plea in exchange for a reduced sentence or probation. Those accused of these crimes may also agree to attend anger-management classes or other forms of education or counseling.

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