Maryland man accused of drug charges enters plea

Maryland man accused of drug charges enters plea

| May 24, 2013 | Drug Charges |

Authorities recently charged a man with drug charges which resulted in an indictment. They allege that at the time of his charges he had approximately $5,000 worth of cocaine, a scale, counterfeit money, and $5,241 in cash.

Court records indicate the man told the judge that he was a Navy veteran who had been injured during his service time. He told the judge that pain from the injury was the reason he began using drugs. He also told the court that the arrest prompted him to make lifestyle changes, and he was no longer using drugs and had found temporary employment.

The judge expressed empathy for the man at the sentencing hearing, and he took into consideration that he had served time in the military. He sentenced the man to three years in jail and suspended two years. He also sentenced him to an additional 18 months for a secondary charge, but it was also suspended to probation time. The judge indicated the charges would run consecutively, and the man would have a total of three years of supervised probation. If he incurs any new charges during the probation time, his probation could be revoked.

Individuals facing drug charges could receive serious consequences if they are convicted. A criminal defense lawyer could negotiate a plea deal which might result in a reduced sentence. A lawyer could also inform the court of possible drug addictions which might result in placement into a rehabilitation facility instead of incarceration. They might also inform the court of changes a person has made and provide insight to why a person might have made poor choices.

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