32-year-old man convicted of federal sex crimes

32-year-old man convicted of federal sex crimes

| May 17, 2013 | Sex Crimes |

On May 10, a 32-year-old man was convicted of federal charges in Maryland that included kidnapping, transporting individuals for the purpose of prostitution and use of a gun while sex trafficking. The New York man committed the sex offenses over nearly a two-year period as he and a friend looked for women who did not have a pimp. They forced the women to work for them through threats, violence and abuse.

They found women through ads on the Internet and agreed to meet them in hotels where they pretended to be clients. They threatened and assaulted the women physically and with a gun in order to make them work. They also took the women’s cell phones and personal information so that the women couldn’t contact family or friends to report their situation. They exercised further control through humiliation and confinement and trafficked them to Maryland, New York and other states for sexual activities.

The case listed a number of incidents that occurred during the time period. During the summer of 2009, the defendant held a woman hostage and said that others could take advantage of her sexually. In Oct. 2009, the man hit and choked a woman and made her engage in sexual acts. He demanded that two other women rent rooms for the purpose of commercial sex. In June 2010, he broke a dog’s neck in order to intimidate a woman into complying with his wishes.

When someone faces a number of charges for sexual crimes, they will need to retain legal representation that can help them fight the charges. A criminal defense lawyer with a track record of fighting for the rights of the accused might be able to negotiate a reduction in charges.

Source: 7th Space Interactive, “New York Pimp Convicted in Maryland for Sex Trafficking, Kidnapping, and Gun Crimes”, May 10, 2013