Man accused of selling stolen car for scrap metal in Maryland

Man accused of selling stolen car for scrap metal in Maryland

| Apr 5, 2013 | Larceny & Theft |

A Washington, D.C. man is scheduled for sentencing after he was found guilty on March 12 for a number of charges that involved an elderly woman and the theft of her 1994 Ford Contour. Authorities initially investigated the man after the woman made a report that someone had shown up at her home identifying himself as a government official with an order to take her vehicle.

The theft crime accusations also involved a tow truck driver who claimed he had received instructions from the man to pick up the vehicle. Investigators used this information and the VIN to track down the vehicle. They discovered it had been sold as scrap metal. The paperwork involved in the sale led authorities to the man. He was subsequently arrested and released on bond.

He was later accused of violating the the terms of his release by missing a scheduled court date. The fugitive task force for the area arrested him on this charge. He faces the new charge and a slew of other charges at sentencing.

Larceny and theft are serious charges. Individuals accused of these crimes can use an experienced criminal law attorney as a resource to help fight these charges. An attorney could help get charges reduced or thrown out of court. They could also make motions to the court to get certain evidence removed from a trial. Attorneys are trained to cross-examine witnesses in a manner to raise reasonable doubt about their testimony. If there is enough reasonable doubt raised, it can result in a jury not being able to reach a decision.

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