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April 2013 Archives

Maryland man receives 45-year sentence for drug charges

Courts can be particularly unforgiving of people who are found guilty of distributing illegal drugs. Deemed a particularly serious drug crime, trafficking recently led to the 45-year sentence handed down to a former Bowie resident. In addition to facing charges for conspiring to distribute large amounts of cocaine, he was also charged with possessing a firearm while the narcotics offenses were committed.Indicted along with 14 other people, including a 39-year-old Silver Spring man and a 32-year-old man from Glenn Dale, he was part of one of the largest drug seizures in the metropolitan area. Along with the prison term, he must also forfeit any assets that were purchased with money obtained through drug trafficking activities. This included more than $200,000 in cash and a diamond engagement ring valued at $9,400.

Three charged in strongbox theft

Two men and a woman face theft charges stemming from the removal of a strongbox containing about $10,000 in cash and other items from a home. The incident occurred in Great Mills on Feb. 12. Along with the strongbox, the culprits took tools, a gun and ammunition, according to information provided by investigating officers and an inventory of the home.A 25-year-old man from Great Mills and a 37-year-old woman from Valley Lee were originally charged in the incident. The man was released on $5,000 bond shortly after his arrest. The woman was released on a personal recognizance bond in March. A third arrest was made in April. A 26-year-old man from Callaway is being in held on a $15,000 bond.

Man arrested in series of St. Mary's County burglaries

A 26-year-old man has been arrested in relation to a string of St. Mary's County burglaries after a search warrant was executed at a Charles County residency. The burglary suspect was arrested on April 1 after law enforcement officials used statistical data to connect multiple crimes to one another. A connection to several burglaries was recognized when crime analysts from St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office attended a weekly CompStat meeting. Statistical data was used to compile information related to the methods that were used to rob the homes in question. With the assistance of the Emergency Services Team and Criminal Investigation Division of Charles County, St. Mary's County detectives recovered numerous items that had been stolen from homes in the area.

Hagerstown man arrested after brandishing shotgun in vehicle

A Hagerstown man is facing serious charges after being involved in a road rage incident that took place during the night of April 2. One of the more violent crimes that the man is charged with is first-degree assault. In addition, he is also facing drug-related and reckless endangerment charges in relation to the incident. Police say that a New Market, Va., truck driver reported that an automobile was driving erratically around his truck. The truck driver went on to say that, at one point, the vehicle pulled up beside his truck, and the passenger pointed a shotgun directly at the truck from his window. No shots were reported as being fired, and the car exited the highway soon after the incident. 

Maryland man faces two counts of vehicular homicide

A man is facing serious charges after a two-car collision left his two passengers fatally injured on the morning of March 25. Police stated that the man was driving under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident. The accident occurred in Glenn Dale and is being handled by police in Prince George's County. The two men, one 46 years of age and the other 30, were passengers in the 35-year-old driver's vehicle when he allegedly pulled in front of another vehicle that collided with the passenger side of the driver's car. Both of the victims were Lanham residents. The accused driver was listed as having "no fixed address," meaning that the driver is currently homeless.

Evidence won't stand if found by sniffing canines

Maryland residents may be aware that the U.S. Supreme Court decided on March 26 that canines cannot sniff the front door of a residence because it violates the Fourth Amendment rights of those who live there. If law enforcement personnel want to find evidence of drug crimes, they must request a search warrant first. In the case of Florida v. Jardines, the justice for the majority defended the higher standard of protection for a person's residence and called it the "first among equals." The police have the right to knock on the door like any ordinary citizen but may not use canines to sniff around the residence looking for contraband. However, law enforcement can still use canines in drug detection of vehicles, packages and airport luggage.

Man accused of selling stolen car for scrap metal in Maryland

A Washington, D.C. man is scheduled for sentencing after he was found guilty on March 12 for a number of charges that involved an elderly woman and the theft of her 1994 Ford Contour. Authorities initially investigated the man after the woman made a report that someone had shown up at her home identifying himself as a government official with an order to take her vehicle. The theft crime accusations also involved a tow truck driver who claimed he had received instructions from the man to pick up the vehicle. Investigators used this information and the VIN to track down the vehicle. They discovered it had been sold as scrap metal. The paperwork involved in the sale led authorities to the man. He was subsequently arrested and released on bond. 

33-year-old man arrested for selling marijuana

A 33-year-old man from Anne Arundel County was taken into custody on March 21 for the third time within 90 days. He faces four counts of drug charges, including a charge for possession of marijuana with intent to sell, after law enforcement personnel searched his home. They allegedly found more than 35 grams of marijuana, valued at more than $700, and 1.4 grams of heroin, worth about $170. According to the authorities, he was held with no bond at a detention facility. Police initiated the search after area complaints of possible drug traffic at the residence. In addition to the drugs, officers also reportedly found more than $500 in cash. 

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