Woman faces several drug charges after attempting to elude police

Woman faces several drug charges after attempting to elude police

| Mar 30, 2013 | Drug Charges |

A police chase on March 12 ended in the arrest of a 22-year-old woman on drug charges by Maryland police officers. Unfortunately for the woman, the drug charges aren’t the only ones that she faces in relation to the incident.

The incident began around 8:30 p.m., when police stated that they attempted to pull over the woman’s vehicle for having a suspended registration. It was reported by police that the accused refused to stop and instead led the police on a chase through the streets of Laurel. Reports state that the woman eventually brought the vehicular chase to a close when she exited her vehicle and attempted to flee on foot. Police were able to apprehend her shortly thereafter.

Police state that, during the chase, they witnessed the driver throwing out items from her car’s windows. When police scoured the roadways, they found bags of marijuana and cocaine, which led to several drug charges, including an intent to distribute charge, being levied against the driver in addition to several traffic related offenses.

Maryland state courts take drug offenses very seriously, and this is especially true when it’s believed that the accused had intended to sell or otherwise distribute the substances. All of the charges that the woman involved in this police chase faces could add up to a lengthy incarceration period. A criminal defense attorney can sometimes be very helpful in negotiating a plea deal with prosecutors or having charges dismissed altogether. If police officers didn’t follow proper procedures during an arrest, the attorney may be able to have charges reduced or dropped.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, “Woman arrested on drug charges after fleeing Laurel Police ,” March 14, 2013