Maryland man arrested in other state after police photograph him

Maryland man arrested in other state after police photograph him

| Mar 9, 2013 | Criminal Defense |

When police talk with a person, it is important that the person understands their rights. Sometimes police approach people that they think look suspicious, or who just might be in a place with a high crime rate. When a person is arrested they should understand their rights and might be wise to speak with an experienced attorney before speaking with police.

After thinking that a man was suspicious, police in another state asked if they could take a picture of him. He said yes, and police didn’t hold him because they didn’t have probably cause. According to reports, the man’s picture was then circulated, where it was discovered that the man was wanted by law enforcement in Maryland. The man was then found and arrested.

The man is accused of providing false information to law enforcement and is being held in a detention facility in another state while he awaits extradition to Maryland. It isn’t clear exactly what the man was wanted for in Maryland, but a new report says the man has prior criminal history. Speaking with an experienced attorney after an arrest can help determine if a person’s rights were violated.

If the person’s rights were violated, some evidence that was collected might be inadmissible, or charges against the person might be dropped depending on the person’s individual case. If a person is coerced into providing information to police, or they aren’t fully aware of their rights, they might provide evidence that is incriminating. Each case might have unique elements, but every person has rights to a fair trial and fair treatment.

Source: WNCT, “Wanted Maryland man arrested in Greenville,” March 8, 2013

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