19-year-old fast-food employee arrested, charged with larceny

19-year-old fast-food employee arrested, charged with larceny

| Mar 2, 2013 | Larceny & Theft |

Many teens and young adults in Maryland know the frustrations of working a low-wage job. Whether they’re saving for college tuition, a car or just the basic costs of living, it can seem to take forever to make enough money to satisfy their needs, especially if they haven’t earned a post-high-school degree.

This desire for more income sometimes leads to poor decision making and even illegal activity. In some cases a low-wage employee may attempt to steal money from the business, believing that his or her actions will go unnoticed. But committing theft isn’t just against the law; it’s usually extremely damaging to a young person’s future. Felony larceny and theft charges come with serious penalties and can put a permanent black mark on a criminal record, preventing one from finding a well-paying job in the future. It can also harm a person’s chances of obtaining affordable higher education or even stable housing.

A 19-year-old fast-food restaurant employee is preparing to face charges after he was accused of stealing from customers. According to police officials in Hickory, North Carolina, the young man repeatedly used credit cards of restaurant customers to purchase gift cards without their knowledge. The store manager who reported him to police said the employee kept the gift cards, which he charged to customers’ bills as they paid for their food items.

The man has been charged with four counts of felony larceny. If convicted, he could be subject to significant jail time and other penalties. It’s not clear whether this is his first offense, but his criminal record — or lack thereof — could affect his sentence if he’s found guilty. His defense attorney also has some bearing on his chances in court. Having an experienced, invested legal advocate at your side can often make a positive difference in the severity of your charges and the penalties you face if you’re convicted. How your attorney handles your case just may determine your future success.

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