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December 2012 Archives

Are 'superlong' sentences effective for seniors charged with sex crime?

Being faced with charges of a sex-related crime can be a devastating experience. Even the allegations of such criminal behavior can significantly damage a person's reputation, career and family. Because of the social stigma attached to sex crimes, a conviction can result in requests for extensive prison sentences.

Drug cases linked to dirty cops thrown out

Cases were dismissed last week from Philadelphia courts that were based on work by narcotics officers. As a result of the dismissal of these 41 drug cases, the defendants will be freed so long as they do not have any outstanding charges. These defendants had been awaiting trial following investigations by narcotics field officers who have been accused of planting evidence. At least 16 other cases connected with the squad have been dismissed.

Bobby Brown pleads not guilty for second DUI

Many people know Bobby Brown for his musical career or his marriage to late singer Whitney Houston, but he has also been building himself a reputation with the law. Following a DUI arrest, the judge has accepted a plea from Brown through his attorney in Los Angeles. Brown chose not to appear in court due to the media attention. A follow-up is expected sometime this month, but in the meantime, the judge ordered Brown to attend three Alcoholics Anonymous meeting per week.

Complicated drunk driving case takes an odd turn

Maryland residents may not be familiar with a case from Florida, but will no doubt be interested in its result. In an appeals court decision, a 12-year prison sentence for DUI manslaughter was overturned. Typically, DUI cases that result in fatality are aggressively prosecuted and carry with them very negative connotations for the driver involved. In this case, the driver was drunk; however, the circumstances of the argument have proved that despite his DUI, he was not at fault.

Evidence in sex crimes not being processed

Recently, a Colorado television news station performed an investigation which revealed that law enforcement agencies in the state have not been processing rape kits in a timely fashion. According to the report, Denver police failed to test 44 percent of the kits collected since 2008. In Fort Collins, 72 percent of kits collected since 2007 had not been tested. Apparently, the law enforcement agents through that the kits were not to be tested if the suspect was known to the victim but the policy has recently been changed.

Mia Farrow's brother faces child sex crime allegations

According to officials, Mia Farrow's brother was arrested in Maryland on allegations of child sex abuse. Two men claim that Villers-Farrow abused them over the course of eight years (when they were between 9 and 16 years old).

Maryland man faces 10 years in jail for selling ammunition to felon

U.S. District Judge Roger W. Titus sentenced a 43-year-old Maryland man to a decade in prison recently for selling ammunition to a felon. The defendant was also a felon.

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